Be Careful What You Wish For…

I just assumed it would all come true. I was destined for bigger things. I was so sure I was. I believed in it so deeply; that while I waited for ‘it’ to happen, life became grey and dull. Whatever ‘it’ was, I wouldn’t need to try at all, as I was just so sure, it […]

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The MAD Blog Awards 2012 (Squirm.)

I think in the end I had to promise him I wouldn’t get drunk. ‘You will though!’ he had huffily called through from the bedroom where he was busy slamming down his work bag and heavy handedly taking out his frustration at me, on the bedroom fittings, opening windows making sure they banged and clattered […]

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Fortune Teller. (Don’t grow up yet.)

Dear Teenage Me, Please listen. I may be able to help you… Your stepmother isn’t evil so stop writing in your diary that you hate her and just wish she would die. You don’t. But you are right she has got crap hair, but bless her, it’s the 90’s and to be honest your hair […]

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Hickory Dickory STOP!!

I had an argument with my mother last week. This isn’t an oddity, as my mother and I, well, although we do get on famously well when discussing anything important like  ‘handbags, make up, perfume and when the Selfridges sale starts’, we don’t always seem to see eye to eye when it comes to the […]

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To the loony bin, and beyond!!!

Mammy mission Log. . . . All signs point to this planet as the location of Sods Law’s fortress. . . I am finding it difficult to write at the moment.  I have too much on my plate (and not in a good way.) There is no time! There is no energy and there is […]

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The iron, the bitch and the wardrobe.

Every time I open my wardrobe I can hear my size 10 jeans calling me a fat arse. ‘Soon’ I used to whisper to them, fingering them idly ‘Soon!’ and then I would proceed to torture myself rotten with guilt, anytime I put anything in my mouth. (Food I mean, you smutty lot!) Now though, I […]

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I love you, but please don’t bring a horse.

Choosing a god mother and father has been something of a dilemma for myself and the Irish one. Actually I take that back. It has been a dilemma for me. (The one with DRAMA QUEEN stamped under her passport picture.) The Irish one picked his best friend. Who is brilliant, lovely and funny as hell. […]

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What goeth around must cometh around…

‘What goes around comes around’ is a saying most are familiar with right? ‘He’s left you?’ ooo what goes around comes around. ‘She stole your last kit-kat?’ ooo what goes around comes around. ‘He is sleeping with your best mate?’ ooo what goes around comes around. ‘He made you cry?’ ooo what goes around comes […]

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