Moaning bitch club!

Morning Moaning Bitches!

It is only 7 am and so far today I have been shouted at, slapped and pood on.

The moaning bitch club, is a safe place to come and get whatever is irritating or upsetting or just bloody annoying you, off your chest and have a good old chat and ‘bitch’ with other women (and men) just like you!


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Add a new moaning bitch comment, if you like, as it will be right on top! Here!


Your turn!!!!


22 Comments on “Moaning bitch club!

  1. Seriously I snap once or twice maybe, he has the cheek to complain ,I’m talking to you like that because you never consider my feelings arhhhhhhhh men are so selfish. My second bitch is about the mad old bitch that walks her dog passed my flat and round the block. Her dog assaulted me one day, I was having a mare at the time with my 11yr old. I asked her to keep the dog under control ( fair enough it’s not the dog’s fault, she can’t even be bothered to walk it further than a few yards) Now she thinks that she can dump it’s shit in a bag outside our flat. My son has caught her in the act, would it be really that bad if I posted it through her letter box ?

  2. Love this post!!! Im not looking forward to the toddler tantrums.

    My moan of the day… Why did my stupid iPhone wipe out 3 months of photos, the refuse to restore the back up? And whyyyy did OH think it’s ok to put nappy on baby so that one butt cheek is exposed? And why was I up at 4am changing all of baby’s clothes because the one buttock nappy had leaked everywhere. Hmph!! (ok he was trying to fix my phone till 3am but… Still!)

  3. Why oh why oh why…..does my 4 and half month old ALWAYS throw up on me!! Every god damned dayeven when i remember to put a bib on him!
    That is all!

    Aimee xx

  4. Thank you, at last a place to vent!!! And gave me a good chuckle too!!

    Why does the old man up the road wait until I have 3 loads of washing flapping in the breeze and then light his bonfire? I may go up there and sit him on it one day!!

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  6. Oh do I moan here! I want to moan about the bloody mother bitch that stole my purse in the ELC! gRRR – So angry and so annoyed and can’t even begin to tell you the hassle of sorting it but what is more annoying is it was my fault, I left my handbag open on top of the buggy! So so easy. I was so distracted by three screaming little one that I was not paying any attention. Thought I was over it, as this happened on Friday but clearly I am not!

    Also a little peed off that people keep thinking it is funnt when my children are being blatenly naughty! It just encourages them and it is all very well laughing now, but they won’t find it cute when they are fiv and then I will just be the parent that can’t disipline her children! Feel like I am being set up!

    Right bitch over…for now!

    Speak later! So glad I came to visit! x

  7. I have been thinking about the moaning bitch club for a couple of days. Moaning usually comes to me incredibly easily but somehow I think I have been suppressing it, lack of adult contact I reckon. Now they are bubbling to the surface steadily 😀
    1. Why do both my kids always poo and need help wiping when I am eating?
    2. Why does my OH place his laundry on the floor next to the hamper so close it touches, and why do the whole family pile clothes on the hamper lid instead of lifting it.
    3. Why did my cat never get taught by her mother how to poo correctly? She scratches around in her litter tray kicking litter everywhere, then pees in a totally different spot, kicks around some more completely failing to cover it and then crouches down to poo with her bum too close to the edge and poos on the floor.
    3. Why won’t OH change the bin bag instead of piling things up on top of it so I have to get dirty to change it.
    4. Why won’t my kids keep their underwear on?
    5. Why are these all questions?
    6. Not a question, i hate how flakey LA people are, which is where I live.
    7. I can’t stand it when people come over and don’t want a cup of tea “just water thanks”, I don’t know what to do with that. I’d rather they just accepted the cup and didn’t drink it. Although I hate when i make tea for people and they don’t drink it.
    8. Why does my 3yo insist on kicking me in my recently surgerized belly every single morning when he wakes me up?
    9. Why do I simultaneously have oily teenage skin and fine lines?

    Sorry I got a bit carried away, you are right, this feels really good. I’m going to think carefully about #10.

  8. The more I read this the more I chuckle. I did blog about it and like I said before, you are the DON of the moaning bitches! Well done, funny, smart and very witty xxxx

  9. Ha Ha
    I love this idea, my blog is full of moans – its all i do!
    Today’s one – why does the bloody bin bag always split when its full of the mankiest foulest food known to man
    I still smell like s**t and I have had an hour long soak in the bath
    Evey @ PolythenePram

    • Hahaha oh that always happens here! AND why is it always my fault when it splits because i buy ‘crap’ bin bags! And then why does the dog not eat his food when it is on his plate but will eat it when it is 3 days old and been in the bin, thus ensuring a poodle with a runny bum?
      thank you for reading! Am i followinhg you? I tried to find you!

  10. YAY! a place i can moan..
    im not gonna start writing now or i WILL end up going off on one, but i’ll be back soon! 🙂
    when im prepared with plenty of cushions and nothing hard to throw! (yes it has happened before, not a pleasent site :/ to be honest)

    catch you all soon x

  11. OMG!! where are MY Tupperware lids? A burning question I always have!
    Along with.
    Why can’t hubs pick up his clothes? The basket is right there!! So. Annoying.

  12. I wash and dry the laundry but if I haven’t put it away before he gets home he dumps it on the floor. And why can he not get out of bed without pulling the fitted sheet off? I shouldn’t have to fix the sheet EVERY TIME he gets out of bed.

  13. oooh you’ve set me off. when we were in a flat our lovely landlord decided to sell it and we were responsible for the viewings. With a 4 month old baby. Yes. Wonderful. How many times did I tidy up like mad clearing up the baby things and the viewer never turn up???!!!!


    • Wait, he put it on the market and YOU HAD TO DO THE VIEWINGS??? ridiculous!!
      I am hoovering 16 times a day for nothing! FOR NOTHING! lol. I am about to go out in the street in my dressing gown, wearing a sandwich board that reads

      ahh feel better now.

  14. The 42 comments on the post were outstanding but i dont know how to move them. Because i never listened in school because my IT teacher always had his fly undone! (I was too busy giggling!!)

    My daily moan? I have hoovered and within ten minutes the place is a shit tip again! OH and why has my flat been on the market for months but no one wants to come see it? ITS LOVELY!!! GRRR

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