Music as Therapy.

I used to listen to music all the time.

Back when I was young, free, single and happy (read; drunk) turning the stereo on while searching through a huge pile of cd’s with one hand, and grabbing my glasses and a pint of water with the other, was all part of my very brief morning routine.

The music would go on before the shower did.

Before the kettle did.

Before the make up would.

And usually before I could actually see what I would be listening to.

The music would usually be on before I was even fully conscious.

Music was my therapy.

The therapy I didn’t even realise I was getting, free of charge, from my top of the line, mega blaster, sat in the corner of my bedroom. (I do miss that chunky thing. Sometimes my iPod just doesn’t cut it. I miss slamming he cd holder down Wham! Waiting for the whirr of the Cd… Ahhh the good old days. IPod’s are just so delicate… but anyway.)

I would dress in front of the mirror listening to upbeat tunes, singing in to my hairbrush and imagining myself performing to millions… (Like I am sure we have all done.) I would point the hair dryer at my head and imagine myself in a music video as my hair blew out behind me… (Like we all did, right? RIGHT?)

I would catwalk in my work heels, up and down my tiny hallway, to some new tunes, coffee in hand, and with Doodle staring at me like I was demented, before leaving for work. (Like we all did right? RIGHT?)

I would plod about the place if I had been dumped, was about to dump, or was just generally feeling lousy, listening to Alanis Morisette and feeling every poignant word.  (LIKE WE ALL DID! Right?)

I would wash up listening to show tunes. Imagining I was Cinderella, or that girl from Chicago. I would throw my soapy hands wide and belt out the tunes in my tone-deaf way, completely living in the moment and not caring who heard. (I KNOW WE ALL DID.)

It was as if each piece of music had been written for me, and was talking to me.

So when did I stop enjoying music?

When life got in the way.

When I forgot I mattered, and when my list of things to get done, got so long, there was barely time to have a wee, never mind put the radio on, or gently maneuver my iPod in to the shitty docking station in the kitchen.

Cbeebies is the soundtrack of this home now, as that is practical and I have come to terms with it.

Hard to imagine, or find enjoyment out of imagining myself as a giant blue sausage man singing ‘Iggle Piggle’ at the sink though, to be honest, so these days I tend to just wash up in silence, focusing on the task in hand. (And the other 8 million things I need to do.)

After many therapy sessions though, I am starting to see how sad this actually is and once again am beginning to see the importance of me time and finding time to do something I enjoy even if I am doing it while I wash up.

So, recently while struggling through a huge pile of bills, I found ten seconds out of my busy schedule of worrying and stressing to plug my iPod in.

And an odd thing happened.

The bills didn’t seem so bad, the task didn’t wipe me out completely and the music actually lifted my mood somewhat, as I sang along, living and loving it, in that moment.

(I may have even stood up and done a twirl.)

I was katy Perry, I was A Goo Goo doll, and I was Eminem all the while opening the motherfunking bills. (Seriously, trashy rap me has such a potty mouth!)

So on the back of this, I am going to do something I have never done before, and I am proper nervous about it.

I want to share the experience, so I am going to start a meme.

A meme called Music Therapy.

You can join in, if you would like to, no pressure though.

When I was younger, I could sometimes swear a song had been written just for me.

That the lyrics spoke to me, told my story, touched every bone in my body and recognized in me a need to be heard.

So, while I was trying to enjoy the music again, I found, once again, this began to happen.

I took twenty minutes for myself when Addison was in bed, plugged myself in to my music library and chose three songs that I had recently heard and enjoyed, and felt touched by and I copied down the lyrics that spoke to me.

I hope that makes sense.

If you would like to have a go, just pick;

3 beautiful songs.

3 different bands.

3 sets of lyrics that touch you in anyway you want to show.

Mine were all speaking to me directly, So here goes my effort.


October 2011. 

Dear Me,

I am not the one who broke you.

I am not the one you should fear.

I have no solution to the sound of this pollution in me.

And I want to be free, to talk to me…

Lately I’ve been hard to reach; I’ve been too long on my own

I’m just so fuckin’ depressed, I just cant seem to get out this slump

If I could just get over this hump

I took my bruises, took my lumps

Fell down and I got right back up

I don’t know how or why or when I ended up in this position I’m in

But I know one fact, I’ll be one tough act to follow

One tough act to follow

Here today, gone tomorrow…

Sometimes it feels like everything’s going wrong

And we feel like it’s all our fault

But there ain’t nothing wrong

With thinking with our hearts

And letting someone near

That storm might break you down

But you’ll get up again

And learn from your mistakes

And you will be loved be loved be loved, you will be loved be loved be loved…



I can not tell you how much I enjoyed listening to all that music, I found myself laughing at ‘The underdog’ thinking no, I  cant use that. It says I will not survive!

I found myself grinning at Katy Perry ‘TGIF’ and thinking no, I cant use that in case the Irish one things i screwed someone on friday night… AHH WHAT FUN! And I reconnected with so much music!

I have really got so much out of doing this, listening to the songs, the words and finding the personal meaning to me, and to read the three I finally chose now in black and white… whoa!

Maybe I don’t hate myself as much as I thought I did.

Maybe I will be loved. Maybe I actually am a bit proud of myself for struggling through and maybe,  I have shit taste in music, but the memory’s, the pleasure… well it makes me less embarrassed to share!

I honestly cannot wait to do this again in a couple of weeks to see how it has changed, I have so much music to choose from! (All just as rubbish!)

I have thought of five more, in the last ten minutes!

And I really loved doing it, I really did.

I would love to read, cannot wait to read, some of yours, from you beautiful people, so will tag the following people.

If I haven’t tagged you, it is only because I ran out of time, and the link thing was driving insane. Technology is not my forte.

I would love to read any and everybody’s!

Please join in, you never know, you may enjoy it!

I  know mine is long, but your’s doesn’t have to be!

Miss Boy and me.

Miss Expat mummy

Miss Susan K Mann. 

Miss Spermie Style.

Miss not my year off.

Miss barema Harshman.

Make mommy go something something. 

Miss Live otherwise. 

Miss Mommyhood. 

If you do not have a blog, and want to take part, feel free to send me an email with your effort on, and I will include it on it’s own page.

Or why not just listen to some music??

It can’t hurt can it?

I’m going back to the washing up… with EYE OF THE TIGER!!!

”Rising up, back on the street, did my time, took my chances…”

Love it.


53 Comments on “Music as Therapy.

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  6. Great meme. I was tagged by coombemill and just done mine. Think I went a bit over the top though. Love music and this meme was a great excuse to listen to some music instead of cbeebies for a nice change. Thanks mammywoo

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  8. This is such a great meme. Music is Therapy for me, when it makes me dance, so that is what I have focused on in my post (Mummy..Mummy..Mum! tagged me).

    Liska xxx

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  10. Helen tagged me ages ago, but I’ve only just had time to look at it. I’ve been so caught up in life, and like you said, the endless lists of things to do, that I haven’t really listened to music for a long time. Tonight though I sat back and listened to the songs that were my therapy before I had children. It was lovely to have 5 minutes just for me, but also a little sad to think how I was feeling at the time, but the lyrics still touch me so I’m hoping thats ok for the meme. I’ll tweet you the link tomorrow. xx

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  12. I have been tagged by so many people to do this – so I have finally wracked my brains and it will go out tomorrow – we have chosen a tune each…

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  15. We are big music fans in this house. My whole life seems to have a soundtrack to it, with different songs reminding me of certain times. I’m very proud of the fact that my boys know their stuff musically, no Beiber fans in this house!

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  17. Just found your blog. And, wow I don’t know what I’d do to get through if I stopped listening to music. Sure, it did stop for a while there and was replaced by the WIggles and Baby Fucking Mozart, but not for long! Hugs. x

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  22. I felt all kind of emotional reading this..because, like you, I think life has got a little in the way of listening to music – there’s usually so much noise going on in the house I can’t bear to turn the ipod on & add to it…….maybe I just need to find a little bit of that ‘me’ time & start listening again…..and learn to love it again

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  28. Love this post! Can’t wait to do it! I ‘lost’ myself musically for a year or so after S was born, but got it back, in the car or washing up the iPods on- (though CD’s are better!) and I can be me again for a little while! Jigging away while doing whatever!

  29. I am loving this! Fab post as always missus! I realised today that we don’t listen to anywhere near enough music, (singing bob the builder at full pelt on car journeys past 5pm in an attempt to keep the kids awake just doesn’t count) so this morning we cranked up the hi fi & danced around the living room while tidying & cleaning. I love watching the TT’s boogie & it put us all in a great mood, so thank you beautiful Lexy Woo :0)

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  32. oh love love – i must get on task asap! 🙂 I found this for me was also true about reading- like when do I have time to frickin read… but I have been with my shiny new library card- all self help books for the selves that need help you know! I’ll get on my music list tomorrow mammy 🙂 New blog going up soon @
    love you madly

  33. Ok, I’m doing it! I’ve spent the past day thinking this through and I have my three to post about. I am nowhere near as cool as you though; I had to google those lyrics as I had no idea what song they were. Don’t know who two of the three are!! 34, not 74, I need to keep reminding myself of this!

  34. Great Meme and you sound so positive! Keep it up!

    I might email you as I don’t blog but would love to join in.

    I also think back to my own childhood and loved when my dad would put on a Bruce Springsteen LP or mum an Alison Moyet. I remember sitting reading the lyrics in the sleeve trying to sing along. I want my kids to know my music too so must switch it on more often!

  35. Do you just want song titles or do you want lyrics too? I wasn’t sure…

    I hate the quiet that is in our home because of my husband working here. I always feel as if the music being on will bother him, so I just don’t turn it on. And forget that I can use the earbuds.

    Would love to join and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and your “accent.” Americans love to read “British” and “Australian.” It’s funny how it comes through in the writing.

    • lyrics my dear just the lyrics and the titles though, if they speak to you and thank you for the lovely compliment and yes definitely join in, i cannot wait to read it!!

  36. This is a great meme and if you don’t mind too much, I would love to join in. I used to listen to “Sleeping Beauty” and “Weak and Powerless” by A Perfect Circle over and over again when my grandfather was sick and dying. So powerful and just seemed to put music to my painful emotions. I shall get working on my post ASAP!

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