That’s Not Where The Cheese Lives!! Moaning Bitch Club, A guest post from the BeAutiful @theboyandme

Ok, before I start properly just let me state this for the record: “I love and adore my husband with all my heart, he is my soul-mate, best friend and I wouldn’t want him any other way”

However, if he doesn’t bloody well learn that the contents of the fridge have a certain place I am going to kill him! (Obviously not literally, as that is murder and illegal)

Today we had our monthly shop from Tesco’s delivered. It’s simple really, “Darling can you put the shopping away?”

“Yes of course” replies my one and only.

I didn’t even stop to think that he’d do what he did! He knows that I have OCD tendencies. He knows that I like the probiotic drinks put under the wine-rack on the right-hand side. That the yoghurts, cheeses and creams have to go on the top shelf, cheeses on the left, yoghurts in the middle, cream on the right. Carrots mustn’t be put at the back of the drawer because otherwise they freeze. And of course he understands that The Boy’s fromage frais must be put above the milk shelf on the left hand side, with the cream cheese next to them and the butter/margarines on the right. Why  wouldn’t any of this happen? He knows!

Which is why when I walked back in to the kitchen and found the Petit Filous lying on their side on the wrong shelf and on the right hand side; I almost laid hands on him! Don’t even get me started on the contents of the top shelf!

I fear that I will have to put pictures on the shelves for him so he knows where everything goes. I am convinced that he did it incorrectly on purpose just to get out of it!

Ha! I’ll teach him, I’ll go down to the shed and mess up all his tools.

The only problem there, of course, is that there is no order in the shed either. This man just stops using things and leaves them lying around where he’d finished with them: socks, glasses, cameras, Private Eye magazines, pens, you name it; it’ll be in the wrong place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from the tidiest woman in the world, but because I know I’m a messy bugger I can see the error of my ways and correct it. He has no idea!

Am I now a member of the Moaning Bitch Club?

Visit the  for more tales of the unexpected with the boy!


20 Comments on “That’s Not Where The Cheese Lives!! Moaning Bitch Club, A guest post from the BeAutiful @theboyandme

  1. of course he did it on purpose!!!!!!!!!!….thats why my H is like he is cos I was too stupid to realise that his not doing the washing up properly or putting stuff away in the right places, not being able to boil a friggin egg, not being able to do anything really was just a ploy to not do it and stupid ME just took over and did it…….and of course I paid the price, I ran the house and brought up the three kids, ran his office for him, went to ALL the parent evenings on my own, did the Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade runs, then was Mums Taxi, organised all the weekends away including packing and unpacking the caravan while he was sooooo busy working ( reading the paper at his desk)……oh come girlies wake up……YES they do it on purpose!!!!…but he missed all the fun kids stuff and I wouldn’t have missed that for the world….so whose the stupid man now then!!!!!

    Phew thanks for that….I sure needed it….ehehhehehhe…..I really am just a grumpy ole woman………

  2. Oh thank you! I have been so wound up and not able to sleep, you have made me giggle and I may even be able to nod off now!
    Why don’t men realise everything has a home? Although its nit just the other half, children do not understand this either.

  3. Ooh you sound like my hubby 🙂 I’m sure he has OCD. I am the messy one in our relationship. He is forever rearranging things in the fridge! Love the post 🙂

  4. I absolutely love this post.
    You have hit the nail on the head, and you do make me laugh. I will be honest, in this house, i am m the one that winds him up by not putting meat on the bottom shelf! I always forget and put it on the second shelf on the left where the ham and cold meats used to go.
    But I understand your frustration with the yoghurt. I really do. As my yoghurt, always ends up pushed to the back behind an endless supply of lamb chops and pork bloody loin.
    We shop seperately in this house, which may sound wierd, and yes i do buy him the odd dinner but i am talking about a man who has lamb chops at 4pm as a snack and then steak when he is hungry at dinner time. I can not carry that much meat back from the shops especially now i am a veggie. And i cannot afford it either. I refuse to pay £5 for a steak when you can probably buy a cow at a market for a £10. Its really that simple.
    And besides, I AM too busy carrying tins of formula and wipes which always seem to land on MY LIST and never his.
    bloody men.
    Maybe we should get our own fridges…

  5. I just knew it would be a great post! Hmmmm, not sure I would agree about this not being aggressive enough for a #moaningbitchclub post. Aren’t threats to kill a ‘tad’ aggressive? 😉
    Men are useless when it comes to putting shopping and clothes away, doing washing, cleaning, cooking. In fact, I’m now coming to the conclusion that my hubby may have done all these things very badly on purpose because he knows how pedantic I am about where the shopping goes, how the clothes are folded….the sneaky sod!!
    So take note, do not let him get away with it and say *sigh* I’ll do it! Make him do it under supervision until he gets it right, it is the ONLY way he will learn!!! We love ya really Mr @TheBoyAndMe , but next time GET IT RIGHT! xx

    • I agree. Its done on purpose. I recently found my snack a jacks in the fridge. I shit you not.
      Yes. Because ice cold salt and vinegar rice cakes are yummy.

    • I know he’s got his Twitter account but I didn’t want to leave him open to abuse for such a heinous crime!!! 😉

  6. Funny . My cheeses also go to the left. I’m sure I cited the fact in my divorce papers that my ex husband put them to the right one day hence, the dimise of our marriage. People need to start & take this shit seriously!!!

    Great post! #moaningbitchclub

  7. I’m totally with you on this! I don’t even bother asking him now, it’s just not worth the arguments! How is it that they don’t know where the things go but they sure as hell don’t have any trouble finding the bloody stuff when they want to eat it!!!
    I love reading the moaning bitch club posts – I’m wondering whether I should get my OH to read them too, that way he’ll know that it’s not just me!

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