You can take my freedom, but not my Totseat!!

I have a secret!

A secret I will now share!!

Not only am I a Moaning Bitch, but I am also a  Totseat-aholic !!!


Today, I am unable to moan though and must concentrate on sharing my addiction!

An addiction I have now been sponsered to enable!! (The best kind of addiction!)

I have been sponsored to help others with my Totseat-aholism by a fantastic website (Shop, Shop SHOP!!!) called baby loves shopping (and so does mummy darling, clearly!) and also by the company that make the product themselves , funnily enough, called Totseat!

There is no cure for this truly magnificent Totseat addiction I have, which ensures my baby feels secure, comfortable and can eat with minimal fuss while looking funky, in this squashable, washable, miracle seat. Once you try it for yourself you will see just how amazing it is. (SERIOUSLY!!!)

Addy has turned from devil child at dinner time, to little angel munching on smiley faces! (I mean broccoli!!)

Look at the before and after to see for yourself!

Addy before;

Addy after;

So instead of sending me to therapy, (BECAUSE THE CRAZY CAN’T BE CURED!!) the wonderful people who sell and make this wonderful, miraculous product are sending me to CYBERMUMMY 2011!

They are helping me to spread the crazy and talk non-stop about how much Doodle (Ahem, I mean my cousin, ahem I mean me, ahem I mean ADDY) loves this seat!

If I could just get bloody Doodle out of it for long enough….

I cannot thank them enough and I can not recommend both the website and Totseat themselves, for this wonderful opportunity!!

The Totseat really has been a god send for us in more ways that one. Addy is now eating again happily and mummy’s carpets (and the local starbucks carpets) are getting some much needed relief!

I can NOT WAIT to go home (to Spain) in the summer and finally be able to eat my tapas without balancing Woo on my knee! (Seriously, Spain – where are your high chairs?! And why are the ones you do have so dodgy!!! Not that I care anymore!!!)

Crack open the bolly darling!

Patsy (Ahem, I mean me) is headed to the big smoke in June!!

Two days of freedom!!

I have not been away from Addison over night before, and although I am nervous, I am just so glad I am going, aided by and supported by two companies and most importantly a product, that I whole heartedly believe in!

I am so excited about meeting you all, about learning about blogging, and about talking non stop for hours on end! (Be warned, if you want to get a word in edgeways, I suggest you bring a crowbar!) I am also looking forward to a little drinky or 12…. (1, I mean 1!)

A friend of mine asked if she could have my Totseat the other day while at her house, ‘Just to borrow’ she says.

‘Can I just borrow it for a couple of days while you are away?’

I couldnt help it!!! I went all Mel Gibson on her ass.

You can take my freedom but you cant take my toooootttseeeeaaatttttt… (That’s not me by the way, although we do have similar hair..)

I just couldnt live without it! (And the Irish one will need to use it in my absence to tame the beast!)

Anyway, I am about to buy her one for her son’s first birthday, so she won’t need to borrow mine! (I feel a bit guilty about galloping down her lawn on a horse…her rose bushes are ruined!)

If you would like to read my full and honest review of the totseat please click here.

If you would like discount on the totseat (ooo discount!!) all you have to do is click here, and type MAMMYWOO in to the discount code while processing your (tiny! It’s such good value!) payment.

Anyway I must dash! Im off to do the robot dance again, (it’s my celebratory dance ok?) and pick an outfit to go with the Totseat I will blatantly be wearing for the the entirety of the conference….


Thank you baby loves shopping and thank you Totseat!

FREEEEDOOOOMMMMMMM…… (Which the totseat gives you, to eat in peace!)


18 Comments on “You can take my freedom, but not my Totseat!!

  1. I have a tot seat and found them brill especially when some restaurants don’t wash their high chairs.never put a dog in one though.Well done on the sponsorship.

  2. Fab post as always missus! They just get better and better.
    Congrats on the sponsorship, it is very well deserved after your fab post about the totseat. I would buy one ‘cept I already have one like it, just nowhere near as trendy. Plus I don’t think it would hold little miss down for a min (that’s not a slur on the totseat but her name is little ‘houdini dangerbaby’ little miss and she can escape out of a five point harness), unless totseat could invent one with sleeves that you tie round the back of the chair, a bit like a straightja…..actually, scrap that! I get judged enough when I’m ramming people with my double pushchair ;0)
    I’m wishing I was coming to cybermummy now, would love to meet you and lots of the other lovely mummy (yes, & some daddy) bloggers. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time xx

    • Thank you so much for your comment! And your compliment! and your congrats! I love thee do you know that? Your moaning bitch club was brilliant!
      I am astounded still by how your little houdini manages the 5 point harness trick! Maybe she will be a magician!! lol xx

      • Always welcome hun & I loves ya too :0) Thank you x
        As for little ‘Houdini’ miss, I have no idea how she does it but I often find her standing in her highchair when she was previously strapped in, maybe she dislocates her shoulders or something! I think she will grow up to be a stunt woman…you should see her at soft play she has no fear!! x

  3. Yay, well done for sponsorship!

    Looking forward to meeting you and your ramblings. Do you talk like you write? I hope so. Because that would be FAB!


    • I just asked my friend, do I talk like I write? And her response was ‘oh god yes, you never shut up, you’re the only person I know that can fit Disney and arse burning in to the same conversation! (long story involving short shorts and a hot bench! Ended up in disney a&e!)
      I’m glad you said it’s fab then!
      Can’t wait to meet you!! Where are you staying?

  4. Literally can’t wait for Maisie to be big enough to sit in hers and take it places….and to have everyone (who are silly enough not to have a totseat) stare in jealously of mine. Such a shame I didn’t have one for the other two when they were babies.
    Have fun in the big smoke Hun.

    • How old is Maisie? I love that name!! It’s one of my favourites!!! Billy was 8 months and was great in it, addy is 11 months.

      What colour do you have?? I want another!!! (greedy!) lol

      • She is 7 months. I love her name too. And get second name which is Belle. I got the purple one. Just gutted I can’t use it yet she is still a bit wobbly. Xx

  5. what a bloomin brilliant idea, phew I wish I had had something like that, you Mummy’s these days don’t know you are born……….oh am I gonna get some comments……lol….no really what brilliant thing and your little Addy is gorgeous.

    • You need a sponsor!! I’m going out on the streets to whore myself for you!!!! Sponsor Jayne and ill show ya ma belly!!!
      (not sure this will work)

      Missis you have to come!!!

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