Moaning bitch club.

Welcome to the first meeting of the moaning bitch club.

So far, there is only me here.

But I am hopeful you will join me!

(Look, please join me ok? Otherwise it’s not a club, it’s just me sat here being a moaning bitch on my own. And really! that is no fun whatsoever!!)

Ok, so I will start.

Hello, my name is Lexy Ellis, and I am a moaning bitch.

I am irritated beyond belief.

I am twitching with irritation.

The warning sign over by head is beeping loud and clear.


I am sat on the sofa, glaring at the Irish One while tearing a salmon and cream cheese pita bread to bits like a ravenous cave woman attacking a turkey leg. (Did they eat turkey legs? Were there even turkeys back then? Ok, dinosaur leg then. WHAT EVER!)  

I am munching away like an angry little hobbit with a cross to bear.  

I am so annoyed!

Come on Irish One – for the love of god say something so I can release this pent-up fury!! (Anything, Just say anything!!! It doesn’t really matter what you say as I will undoubtedly ‘unlock the code’ and find something to shout about! I need you to be annoying right now! Come on!! ! You are usually so good at it!!)


Why am I so effing peed off?  Why am I verging on furious? Why am I starting to resemble the incredible hulk?

(I WISH!!! But look! She must have, baby hulks! Notice please, the saggy belly! Good on her…)

I don’t actually know.  BUT I KNOW THERE WAS SOMETHING OK?

I just can’t bloody remember!

I am not sure if it was something specific, or whether there has just been a build up of annoyances over the last few days.

Maybe there has been a full moon, or a half-moon, or a shooting star, or an influx of gases in my sign, or something. (By sign, I mean abdomen.)

But either way, the past couple of days have been turbulent.

I will share.

  • Mother and baby parking IS FOR MOTHERS AND BABYS!! (IF YOU ARE 22 AND ARE ‘JUST RUSHING IN TO BUY BEER’ YOU CAN SOD OFF AND PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE!! These spaces are for MOTHERS AND BABYS!! Ever tried squeezing a maxi-cosi out of a hole shaped for an pizza slice? NO!!! PARK SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!)
  • Don’t call me a fatty and then say ‘only joking!’
    Do not say ‘I bet Woo thought you were trying to poison him’ and then say ‘only joking!’
    Do not say ‘you are a terrible cook’ and follow it up with ‘only joking!’ – If you are a horrible mean person, and if you have horrible, mean and thoughtless things to say, at least have the courage to stand by your convictions. Only joking is a total cop-out, and next time you say it, I will lamp you. (I am not joking.)
  • Is there a school somewhere that teaches men to CHANGE THE BLOODY LOO ROLL? Nuff said.
  • When will I be able to eat like a normal person again and not have a belly that hangs down to my sodding knees? SERIOUSLY LOOSE FLESH! SOD OFF NOW!! (I’ve done 20 sit ups! What more do you want from me??)
  • Don’t tell me you will ring me back at 3pm call center woman, then call me back at 6.45 p.m just as i am trying to get a baby to sleep! You may not be able to time keep but I can! And no! I will not apologise for slamming the phone down!
  • Why is my carpet always covered in yoghurt?? No one in this house eats bloody yoghurt!!!
  • Dear company that do the gardens, 8am is too early to start your lawn mower outside my bedroom window, while you stand there having a chat with your mate!!!  I have had no sleep and now you have woken the baby up!!! I will not apologise for throwing a crumpet at you. I am sure this is not the first time you have had to duck from flying breakfast material!!

And finally,

  • Where the hell are all my Tupperware lids? (Seriously!!!!! I have a million tubs but no lids!! Is the cupboard eating them???!!!)

 Sorry! Must dash… I have seen my opportunity…

IRISH ONE, what are you doing?


Has mercury been rising in Uranus? (fnar fnar!)

Share with me your irritants!

Welcome to the #MoaningBitchClub

Go right ahead! No judgement here! We can meet, whenever and wherever we like, as is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT!!

Moan away…

Oh and can you bring some bloody Tupperware lids please?



80 Comments on “Moaning bitch club.

  1. I went onto the website to create a blog to moan. Its the first time ever I have responded to anything, and I read your blog and you hit the nail on the head. I love my husband, but I hate him, his miserable,whiny, and of no use.

    You succeeded in making me laugh and saying all of the things I have wanted to say for the last 33 years.

    A simple thank you and I need to go back to work, because why did I ever think I could stay at home while he has taken early retirement, its killing me and the job market is hard, but I shall persevere.

    Thank you

  2. Finally a club where I feel like I fit in…love it LOL, just posted my first Moaning Bitch Club post and feel so much better for it 🙂 Couldnt get all my moans out at once to going to have to make a weekly thing. Nice to meet you x

  3. Ok – I’m in…
    every night whilst hubby sleeps i’m up 4 times feeding. biggun wakes, comes through, hubby lets him in our bed beause he’s too tired to take him back. i get kicked, wake up again, take him back, have to feed baby, am awake some more. hubby opens one eye, mutters that he wants my lamp off now, snores again.
    then every morning biggun gets up at 6 – i have settled baby 30 mins previously and am trying to sleep…so he pulls biggun into our bed where he clambers around, kicks me and shouts hilst hubby passive=aggressively fake sleeps hoping i will get up so he can have a lie in because ”you get one every day, do you know how hard it is to get up with biggun every day?”


    and when he does get up he hardly ever changes biggun’s nappy – apparently he likes to ”give it an hour” grrrrrrrrrrrr

    excuse typing, nursing as i rite!

    • oh i totally feel your pain!!!
      The passive aggresive sleeping thing is the worst!
      accidentally stand on him!!!
      you can nurse and write? You are a superhero!!!!

  4. I have tupperware lids, hundreds of the things! No effing tubs to go with ’em though!
    Can I just mention that I am bored shitless by the fact that men can’t multi task! My DH (stands for dick head) takes forever to do one thing, if he had to do more than one he would need a week in bed to recover! Still it’ll never happen cos he’s not bleeding capable:)) PS: I love him in spite of the fact that he’s a man;)

    • hahahaha thankyou for making me laugh! i love my DH too (dick head hahaha) but he too is unable to multitask!
      I can make a bru while doing a million other things, he stands and watches the kettle boil!!
      thank you for commenting!!!

  5. yes! i knew i wasnt the only one! i knew it couldnt just be me that felt like this. oh you have all made me so happy that a feel a slight hypocrite for being here. Hubby vs laundry basket – check. Child vs eating habits – check. me vs washing put away – check. me vs tupperware – lost the fight but check. the fact that at 7.15pm i said i wanted to make some jewellery and it being 8.40pm and still not doing it cos im doing all the admin work i should have done today but couldnt because of daughter – check. at least i got to snigger supportively getting worried looks off my hubby for 5 minutes!

    • Thank you for reading and i am glad you enjoyed! you are welcome to join anytime but wait.. you make jewellry??? do you sell? i, am not only a moaning bitch, i am a jewlery addict!!! (when i get time in between running a house.. running after a baby.. and running after a dog!)

      • yes i sell! i sell a lot of stuff for charity too. lots of stuff in my photo albums though im in the middle of a re-catalogue so lots of stuff missing or not priced. look me up on facebook. just use my email to search for me.

  6. Hello ladies,
    Here’s one for you… how is it that my soon-to-be ‘ex’ husband can come out of the shower, dry himself off and leave a dirty great big skid-mark on my nice white towels… aren’t you supposed to WASH when you’re in the shower?!?!?!? I mean it’s just not normal to have to wear rubber gloves when sorting out the dirty washing is it??? I have had to divorce him for health and safety reasons!!!
    Men…!!! Urgh!
    Please let me join your club… I have soooooooooo much more to vent about..!

  7. This is so funny!
    I have cupboards & a huge box in the garage full of bloody plastic boxes (& lids) but they take up so much god damn room that there’s nowhere in the kitchen to house them so now when I need a plastic box I can’t be arsed to get one out of the garage so I have to go & buy a new one and now every time I open the cupboard they all fall out, and don’t get me started on sports bottles……they are all going in the garage with the others & I will start again, again….
    and why when my OH changes nappies at the weekend he has to tell me how many he’s changed…….do I list down all the nappy changes I do every day?NO………maybe I will start, and then keep mentioning it……and then say ‘only joking’ when he starts to get arsey…..
    and why is he incapable of doing anything without me mentioning it 10 times, and then moans that I’m nagging,…….I offered to write a list of all the jobs that need doing……but he doesn’t need a bloody list does he cos he can remember it…..’it’s all up ‘ere’ *pointing to his head*….

    I feel a bit better now, can I please come back tomorrow too!

    • Just been howling laughing at your Tupperware situation!! Brilliant! Can I come steal some lids please???

      Addy won’t drink from anything with a spout, except no one believes me so we have every kind of spout cup made and he would rather drink from a pint glass which means he is soaked constantly which means my dryer is losing the will to live!!

      Great moan thank you!!!

  8. I have our son 24/7 and the one time I text hubby sayin that I’m having a hard time w/ him hubby says all I do is complain. But when I leave our son w/ hubby & my mom (she did all the work) he bitches all night about how bad he’s acting.
    So I can’t complain once in 28 months but he can bitch nonstop for the few hours he has to step up and be a parent. I know he works outside the house but I go to school full time while taking care of our kid & doing the housework.
    And now my son won’t give me a minute to myself so I’m fighting the urge to give him to grandma for the day so I can be alone. And damnit I don’t want to give you milkies right now because I’m tired of being touched and please oh please stop talking for 5 minutes because mommy is going prematurely grey.

  9. Wow! this is brilliant beyond words! I facilitate PPD meetings (in Ithaca NY), and I’m sure this will be a hit with the moms in my groups! rock on!

  10. I’m still fuming because yesterday we were out enjoying what was supposed to be a fun family day. I was holding Big Sis, but she was kicking and struggling so finally I had to put her down. Because she was wriggling about so much she landed unevenly, and plonked down on her bum. Then OH made a huge fuss in front of everyone, and made it look like I’d dropped her on purpose!!! Furious. FURIOUS!!!!

  11. Can Nana’s join, cos boy have I been there and done that, only we didn’t even have mother and baby spaces or the time to go to the gym or OH who even knew that the thing that made the noise and the mess was THEIR baby cos they were too friggin busy supposedly working…..yeah right… sitting at a desk and reading the paper……omg this feels so good….can I join please……….and I haven’t even started on my sil….little creep that he is…..taking my daughter and grandson away from me and then giving them the worst life ever!!!!!!…….its a man thing isn’t it…….making us think we are going mad when its them that have driven us mad……ok better stop!

  12. I’d love to join, I love a good moan myself BUT NO ONE EVER EFFING LISTENS! Oh sorry that’s shouting! Why couldn’t that lazy old git have emptied the bin this morning and what’s with the tea bags in the sink! Do I have “muggins” tattooed on my forehead or what?
    Am I in? I can go on..and on…and on…

  13. I’d very much like to get a few things off my chest!!!
    1)why the hell do men have an inability to put their clothes into the washing basket & not on the floor?it’s not exactally hard,but apparently impossible!
    2)No one apart from me puts the lid on the feckin toothpaste or toothbrush back in it’s holder grrrrrrrrr
    3)Bloody football,it’s ALWAYS on, if not on tv it’s being played or talked about & with football must go beer ,lots of beer that only I can manage to pick up off the floor & put in the bin!!!
    4) Bloody re cycling!!!my OH & my kids have a mental block when it comes to this,doesn’t matter how many times I say,” blue bin for cans,bottles,tins,red bin for everything else” they just stare at me with a confused expression .
    5)washing that I’ve washed & dried o place on the stairs,they just walk past it!!!!!if I didn’t move it & put it away it would sit there for months!!
    6)Why can’t they wee in the toilet & not all over it?????
    7)nobody apart from me knows where anything is,it drives me insane that I have to tell them where their things are,I am ofcourse just expected to know
    8) Do NOT walk through the door & tell me I look nice, when I’m clearly looking like shit & I dam well know it & don’t try & tell me you like me all natural,there is a difference between fresh faced natural & greasy hair,dull skin,bags under eyes,leggins & a oversized t.shirt & stinking of baby sick & onions!!!!!
    9)Dont keep asking me if I’m alright!!!I’m not alright but if I start on you all I’ll never stop
    10)I’m a woman on the edge,my hubby & kids drive me to destruction,having said that I love them all & couldn’t live without them!!!
    I could go on & on & on but I’ve got to do my sons homework now ffs

  14. Why do all the cars in the “Mother and Baby” and “Disabled” spaces in my gym happen to be two seater Porsches and huge executive German motors?

    Why does my son not eat the tasty food in front of him, but is happy to chomp on the bits that fell under the sofa the next day, even though they are covered in fluff and god knows what?

    Why, despite buying 10 pairs of identical baby socks, do I have no identical pairs of baby socks?

    Why can my husband not even cook sausage and beans without giving me dangerously pink sausage and cold beans?

    ….*Goes to get brown paper bag to breathe into*….

  15. Have the tupperware lids eloped with the odd socks do you think? I have no flipping clue where they all go. Also v pissed off with my builder today who cheerily rang to say well we’re all finished now, ie: I’ll put the the bill in the post. Erm no you won’t without fixing all the holes in the wall, the bits you haven’t plastered and making good the bits you’ve half finished. Ggggrrrr I could go on …. And on!!

  16. OMG I’m nearly weeing. Seriously I’m cackling and my hubs is asking what’s so funny.

    This is ace. I can relate to it so much! Brilliant!

    I found your blog through a twitter link- didn’t even know what BMB was until just now. And your a top ten so I’m reading and… Well… Funny.

    Really funny.

    And am with you on everything especially the M&B parking. I’m going to key the next car that parks there with no littlies! (I’m not really but it sounds good!)

    • thank you so much for reading and visiting!
      i love the idea of keying and i did seriously consider it the other day but then i got scared and just filled my mouth with crisps and buried the anger deep inside, which is the healthy thing to do right? RIGHT?
      welcome to the moaning bitch club!

  17. oohhh i could go on forever on this one.
    i could b the one collecting lids but i’l only hand em over if u give me my tubs.
    i hate people being late, i am always ready ridiculously early.
    as my son is now 13 i am well outside the parent n child spaces thing, however it does annoy me when anyone parks outside of their given guideline.
    my thing is housework at the moment, my son actually told me i sit on my laptop alllll day after he goes t school, i asked him who does the housework while he’s out, he replied “dunno” so i told him its the fairies!!!!!!
    n hubby seems t b under the impression that HIS days off r for rest whereas MINE r for housework.

    • haha the tidying up faires visit here too!
      I cant stand lateness! My mother is one for that! she will say , come round at 2 , then i will turn up and she will leave me saT OUTSIDE for an hour! good job i love her!

  18. Hey i am keen to join any club so long as you dont have to get weighed.

    where would you like me to start?

    my c section tummy,

    my in laws?

    my in ability to raise well behaved kids?

    my lack of social life

    and the list goes on and on and on and on

    • Wieghed???
      not a chance!
      Welcome to the club northern mummy!
      I want to say to you your kids are adorable, you have a lot on your plate and mamage amazingly, pkus you run a great blog, but i cant do that here, as its not what i do. instead i will just say – welcome to the moaning bitch club! moan away!!

  19. Well this is my second go at The Moaning Bitch Club, i didnt see anywhere i could only have one go, i see that this may be a release for me. Now i am not opposed to giving to charity, and i dont mind Red Nose Day , but i do object to being robbed of £6 to send my kids to school out of uniform, a uniform that cost me £100, and thats is without sponser money, for them to sit quietly,which sounds like a cop out to me ( quiet life for the teachers). Then i had to pay 4 quid for the bloody face paint (which is now on my bedsheets as the 3yr old wanted hers done too, then laid down before it was fricking dry) Look i have t go and hoover the bedrooms, which i have no doubt having entered the bedroom of a 17 yr old boy will prompt another moan .

    • I feel for you.
      We used to have to pay for a ‘mufty day’ and they still try and run them at work now! Pay £2 to dress in jeans for the day and another £2 for a grotty cake, we send the money to the children of the world.
      If i wanted gastro enteritis id lick the dogs arse and i dont want to wear my jeans in work. Oh, and i already donate to children of the world on a monthly basis, with gift aid, and dont need or want a grotty cake. SOD OFF!!!
      welcome to the club!!

  20. I’ve solved the lid mystery. They are all in my freaking cupboard stacked precariously like a pile of circus gymnasts ready to come tumbling out as soon as someone dares to open the door… But someone seems to have run off with all my tubs. Seriously, I didn’t even have a box that big, or that small.
    I clearly have all if your lids too.
    I think I

  21. I’m in. You had me at ‘bitch’. also the parking thing – I hated schlepping a toddler and a baby past MY spaces in car parks, while single guys in Kompressors watched in amusement from MY spaces.

    • I always give them the universally known sign for wanker and walk on.
      It is so rude!!!

      Kompressor making up for anything else mate?

      grrr welcome to the club!!!

  22. Yet again another post that has me laughing til there are tears rolling down my cheeks.

    Errrm I think the tuppaware lids must have run off with the odd socks. I also have lids with no boxes. do they morph in the night?

    The yoghurt is baby sick…

    Don’t get me started on the ppl who park in the mother and baby spaces. I’ve complained to Tesco. Do they care? No, they don’t even monitor the mother and baby spaces or disabled spaces. Which are always empty while the mother and baby spaces are full. And yes, I have had disabled ppl use the mother and baby spaces. So I have parked in the disabled spaces when they are all empty and the mother and baby ones are full. So sue me! You try struggling with 3 kids and a load of shopping. Sorry, I said don’t get me started. And then there’s the ppl who park in the disabled spaces and then run into the gym…

    And they took the brakes off the trolleys in tesco so that they would go up the stupid travelator. So now my trolley with my baby and my shopping in it shoots off down the car park while i’m putting my other child in the car, ala the Crunchy Nut advert, just because ppl can’t seem to cope with lifts!

    So, can I join please?

    • OH.MY.GOD. The yoghurt isnt yoghurt at all is it? oh my god IT IS SICK!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      you do make me howl laughing! Is it you in the crunchy nut advert? you are one funny lady.
      I agree with everything you say!
      welcome to the club!
      ps – i parked in a disabled space once and got a ticket. I even walked back with a limp when i saw him but he didnt believe me, meanwhile when i showed him the mother and baby, there was 4 disabled cars in there! ah well..
      welcome to the club!!

    • I really dont know. i really dont! but i am starting to think my sanity and quiet life is hiding with them! WHY CANT YOU JUST BUY LIDS FOR GODSAKES! somehow we have lost all the lids, but one off our bottles too! i refuse to buy new bottles for 14 pounds just for the lids, so cover them in tinfoil. i call them space boppys! welcome oh moany one! ;o)

  23. Right, I’ve had time to ruminate on my bitching.

    First of all, I’d like to say, when you’re designing something for someone, and you’re pleased with your hard work, when they ring you and say “Could you move the logo down by 2cm and writing up by 2cm, my wife doesn’t like it like that” there are a few things you want to shout. Firstly, I don’t work in fucking centimetres, I work in PIXELS. Secondly, I’ll do what you want but it will look SHIT, which is why YOU are paying ME to do this.

    Another gripe of the day, is when Virgin Media men are in and out of my house all bloody afternoon, leaving doors open, making Edith get cold legs and the SECOND they leave, the fucking TV box freezes, which is exactly what they were here to fix in the first place, and I pay £100 a month for the service, SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is TAKING THE PISS.

    Hmm, where now?! Um, oh yeah, how about the stupid twats in America who appear to have stolen my writing, and all they do is tweep me some half-arsed link to the place they got their quotes from. Erm, it was still my IDEA and mine was better.

    Ugh, and I know I already tweeted it, and don’t get me wrong, I like Americans in general, but if I see one more fucking tweet where they refer to St. paTTy’s day, or how fucking Irish they are, I’m going to spew my guts up. You aren’t Irish, you were born in America, you’ve never been to Ireland, you probably couldn’t point it out on a map, your parents weren’t even Irish, you MAY have had ancestors from a hundred fucking years ago who came from there, but that doesn’t make you Irish. You are American. I know it’s shit, but deal with it and stop stealing our history.


    I do apologise for all of the swearing, capitalisations, and mildly racist content, but you did ask! xxxx

  24. Since when were parent and toddler spaces disabled-overflow? If there are no parent and toddler, can I park in the blue spaces? I didn’t think so.

  25. Maybe you should run a proper club like Mum on a Mission with her bad mummy club and have guest posts? I will share but I’m afraid if I start now it’ll go on all afternoon!!
    But just the one thing:- “Little man, you do not need another cuddle, you have had about 15 already, what you really need is to go to sleep!! And if you start crying I shall give you something to cry for! – Not really (see Mammywoo’s therapy post) Anyway is ‘not really’ the the same as just joking? I’ll stop waffling now but please go to sleep and just give mummy 5 mins of peace pleeeeeeease”

    • I am going to create a seperate page and link these comments up i think! I am overwhelmed by the response it has been fantastic.
      My little one has just started being clingy, i have waited MONTHS for this to happen but now i cant leave a room… ahhhh i just want a weee! ok, come on sit on my knee… oh bugger the LOO ROLL IS FINISHED!!

      • Why thank you lovely lady 🙂 I think we all just like ranting, t’was a fab idea. I haven’t even started yet, I’m making a list so I don’t miss anything out!! I don’t miss the clingyness or having a baby on your knee while weeing. In fact, the TT’s are just the opposite, I nearly fell over today when little man gave me a kiss as I left nursery but he has been scheming ways to get out of going to sleep at the moment, the little monkey…grrrr

  26. I’m worried if I start I won’t stop!
    Ok I’ll try let just a bit out..
    We have been plagued by illness since November.. OH stated that we should deep clean our bathrooms on the weekend as he thinks that is the reason! So basically my kids are sick as I’m a dirty bitch! Are you kidding me?

    • IS HE STILL BREATHING??? if he is you have more control than i!
      If he thinks its the bathrooms why cant he clean them? Is it because the empty loo roll flummoxes him like it does my OH? Grrr welcome to the club!!

  27. I’m with you on the parking spaces. If your child is above the age of eight you
    no longer qualify for using the space (and I think eight is rather generous…). Also why are there two mother and baby spaces and fifteen sodding disabled spaces? I acknowledge the need for both but surely the ratio is wrong?!

    I’ll rein myself in now as I can feel an uber-rant bubbling to the surface…

  28. Girl i am here , I haven’t even finished reading your post yet, and if in support of your annoyance i have taken my Antihistamines to reduce the hives, Anyway there i was sat reading , Boo quite happily eating her lunch and watching Tinga Tales, when there is an almighty crash sounding as if the front door has caved in.
    I get up to investigate to see a woman on her mobile phone, speeding off in her car after launching a Next Directory at the front door, cheers i would of said …BUT ITS NOT MINE , it clearly says 109 on the enevelope, we are 4 doors away from that….you bloody lazy cow, NOT as if thats not bad enough i hate the man that lives 109, he is a right jerk,now i have to deliver his f***ing parcel. sorry i have waffled again, you are like verbal laxative and make all my sh*t come out you

  29. – having to vacuum twice a day so I don’t have to wade thru crumbs to get to the sofa.
    – my OH saying “wow it’s so messy in here” seconds after walking thru the door when I have spent all day picking up after the toddler.
    – people asking when I’m gonna have my not even 2yr old potty trained/ in a big boy bed/ talking sentences every 5 effing minutes!
    – getting dirty looks off of so called perfect mothers when I give my son a fruit shoot.

    Wow I think I qualify for your club with that.
    I actually could go on all day.

    • OH MY GOD ARE WE MARRIED TO THE SAME MAN? (except im not actually married because there is no bloody rush apparantely!! grrrr)
      i hoover constantly and then i get the same!
      My son is 11 months and cant walk , i get oh! is something wrong? YES! WITH YOU!!!
      Please dont let me stop you! great rant!! welcome to the club!

      • Haha I’m not married to him either. Never bloody will be if he insists on pointing out the mess everyday. Oh and on that subject why do people insist on asking us WHEN we are gonna “walk down the aisle”?
        For 1 we are NEVER walking down an aisle cos I’m not religious, and for 2 we are gonna elope so we don’t have to have our frankly annoying families ruin the day. Grrr.
        Aahhh I can’t stop moaning now!!!

  30. Oh dear, you’ll wish you hadn’t asked, I’m sure of it! I have a WHOLE CAN of worms, just waiting for the appropriate place to be spilled. Are you sure you want them to be spilled here?!

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Oscar Relentos


A digital space feat. poetry, art, nonfiction, interviews, and reviews by marginalized creators.


Ey Ey Ey Calm Down!!!

Long Distance Daughter

Support on the journey of caring for aging parents


a day in the life of my sketchbook...

A Mum on a Mission


Mother's Always Right

Life as a mum, uncut

Nothing But Words & Wine

Often Wine Sodden, always Emotional musings of a single Mummy sinking under the housework.

Mum on the brink

Parenting, travel and technology... and more

Living otherwise

another view on how we make it up

A Write Relief... (for PND)

A thirty-something mum's journey through postnatal depression... and beyond!


Just another weblog

MuddlePuddle Home Education

Resource site for home educators in the UK

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