Totseat in the hot seat. (May the force be with you!)

Are you one of those people who needs something to look forward to, to get you out of bed in the morning?

I definitely am.

Even if my something to look forward to, is a just a delicious and nutritious tomato salad at lunch, (Ahem…  Big Mac with a full fat coke, a bag of crisps and a Kit-Kat thrown in for good measure, because don’t we all need a break from the diet??…)Yes, there always has to be something that helps me prise my eyes open at 8am (Ahem… 2am, 3am, 4am, 6,45am and 7am more like! Sleeps through like an angel at 11 months, my arse!) I need my, motivating factor, if you will, to get me through life.

Recently my motivating factor (try to picture me in a suit when I say that, and throw in one of those light sabre things people in suits use for presentations while you’re at it. (I am not sure a light sabre is actually what they use and it’s not like I am not imagining doing a presentation on the Death Star here, but you know what I mean. If you picture me in a suit (no, not with princess Lea hair) instead of 2 day old crusty pyjamas, I undoubtedly sound more believable and less of a total wing bat, when I use the words Motivating factor.)  

So, where was I? Oh yes. (Sorry, I get easily side tracked these days. It’s a combination of lack of sleep and, well…. Eh?)

My motivating factor these days (Luke I am your fahhhartttharrr – sorry couldn’t resist) has been getting my son through an entire day of mealtimes sucessfully, without the screaming abdabs. (And getting him to eat!)

Addy woo has been very poorly recently. (Addy’s Woo’s Grandma told me I need to stop calling him Addy woo or when he starts nursery (Sob, Sob! In five days!!!) All the other babies will make fun of him. I had to point out that yes, we do live in a rough area, but no, I don’t think that 1 and 2 year olds had mastered the art of taking the Mickey yet.  I could be wrong but I doubt it. And anyway,  I haven’t signed him up as Addy Woo. I have signed him up as Mammy’s baby whom she loves very much, Doyle -Ellis. (He will fit right in! Right?)

My concern, however, (I am getting to the point I promise) is not with his name, (which I am thinking of changing to Conan. (As he destroys everything!) No, my concern is with his seemingly unbridled fear of the high chair (OF DOOM.)  

I only have to touch the dreaded thing and the wailing starts.

I can see his point too, as every time he sat in that high chair over a 9 week period, moments later he would be sick, screaming, pooping through the eye of a needle and leaking food out of every orifice.

So although he is now healthy enough to eat, he is too frightened to do so . And the high chair (Of DOOM) is guilty by association.  (I got pregnant by sitting in a chair you know…No! Not  in that way! Every girl who sat on this particular chair at work was pregnant soon after. It has mystical powers. It is commonly referred to as ‘the chair that gets you nine months off work’ – I shall be searching it out upon my return.)

So what’s a frazzled and bedraggled mammy to do?

Allowing him to eat while in his walker, is ok, (Not for my bloody carpets it isn’t!) in the short-term. But what about long-term?

Enter stage right – The baby loves shopping totseat.

When I was describing this seat, after trying to explain to Grandma over the phone that we wouldn’t need her to get the high chair down from the loft as actually we were bringing along something a little special, there was a little confusion.

‘Mum, it’s like an attachment parenting sling, but made for a chair.’  

To which she quickly replied ‘You are going to sling shot him out of a chair? While he eats? How the heck, is that going to relax him around food?!’

‘No mum, (deep sigh.) I’ll show you when we get there.’

Which I did.

There is only one word I can use to describe this (washable, squash-able) totseat, and that word would be A BLOOMING MIRACLE. (Ok 3 words, but what’s a couple of words between friends.)

It is so easy to unpack and put together, and it comes in a handy little matching pouch too, which fits perfectly in to my posh (Ahem…free from boots) changing bag!  Even only using half the brain I have remaining (since motherhood, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it) I managed to fix it to the chair and adjust it to his height setting with ease. It is quick, practical and totally doo-able with one hand, while bouncing a hungry baby with the other. Like I said! It’s a blooming miracle.

Addy sat in it, happily, with no bother whatsoever and ate his first proper meal in months. (Chicken, Parsnip, carrots and smiley faces. (Bloody smiley faces! Is it me or do they look annoyed when you burn them?? Anyway…)

He loved it! And more importantly so did I!! Success at last!

(I can not account for Addison’s table manners at this point, and Doodle (the poodle) isnt begging for food, as it may appear! He wants to sit in it too! (I am sure of it!)

Addison was SO secure (both literally and emotionally) in this wonderful piece of miraculous equipment, as the back panels and the straps are adjustable not only to his height level but also around his waist too, he is safely held in on both sides, but all the while having the freedom to clap, sing and have a good nosy at what mummy was up to (slugging wine from the bottle… joke!) and eating his delicious and nutritious dinner, in perfect contentment.   

He is a very messy boy, at only 11 months, but I didn’t even have to worry about that, as it goes straight in the wash and is wipe clean! (SEE? MIRACLE!!)

All in all it has been brilliant. I only wish we had, had it when we went on holiday as no high chairs were available a lot of the time, and it would have saved me a lot of stressed out dinner times trying to eat with him on my knee. (and a lot of washing of my clothes!!) (It’s a MIRACLE!!)

I love it. I really do. Can you tell?

So much so, that when I met my cousin for coffee today, I couldn’t wait to pull it out again and show off!

After watching me feed Woo in it, once again, sucessfully and effectively, she was desperate to try her own little boy in it. (After I remembered it was good to share and stopped stamping my foot, I handed it over…)

Billy is younger than Woo at only 8 months, and although he has no issues with sitting in a high chair as such,  my cousin was looking for a solution for when she meets trendy friends for coffee (& trendy cousins like me clearly) in trendy coffee bars with no high chairs, and also for when she goes to her parents house, as they don’t own a high chair. (But are still trendy. Yes Aunty Wendy. I said you were still trendy..)

After she had  finally stopped messing about and wishing she had one in her size, for when she was out with the girls… (I don’t know where she gets it from, I really don’t!)

(I have to agree with her though! How great would that be?)

She placed Billy in, (easily, quickly and without fuss!) and fed him lunch.

As you can see, even at 8 months he is totally secure (in more ways that one!)happy and relaxed! (Like attachment parenting but for a chair! – perfect description if I do say so myself!)

It is an (all together now) BLOOMING MIRACLE!

So many mum’s, dad’s and grannies walking by were asking about it, and I was so proud to be the one bringing it to the PEOPLE WHO NEED IT!! COME ONE! COME ALL! (I may have got a little carried away… but I love it I do!)

I sent a photo to the Irish One, who showed the photo to his colleague who is looking for the perfect, original gift for her sister who is about to have a baby. She wants one too!

It comes in lots of colours, although I love the brown, and for the price, it is fabulous. (Some may say blooming miraculous…)

Now! With ‘Make baby eat in comfort’ ticked off my motivating factor list I now need something else to get me out of bed in the morning. (No, not a bloody Ewok!)

O00000 maybe I could train the dog!

Then he could come out with us more often! We could take him on holiday! He could come out for fancy and trendy meals with us!

Come on Doo… Doodle… Come on doodle…

See? Miraculous.

This product is available from Baby Loves shopping

The Woo family approve! Although I recieved this product for free, i would have bought it twice over. It really is worth the money.

If you want one, visit and type in MAMMYWOO at the checkout for a 10% discount. (offer valid until 31/12/2011.)

(No animals were harmed in the making of this blog, and all babys were safely tucked up in bed after a full day of no screaming abdabs and lots of yummy food! Mummy is heading for the fridge…..)

*pops cork*

To miracles!

Toast, we must!
(Sorry! Couldn’t resist, I couldn’t…)


20 Comments on “Totseat in the hot seat. (May the force be with you!)

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  3. I lve this! Was trying to explain it to dh and he said it’s like a pocket you hang on a chair!

    I wonder if this would fit over our computer chair as we don’t have a dining table/chairs but could really do with one of these for ruby… Hmm will have to check out how large it fits!

  4. We have one of these and it is a blooming miracle! My boy sits in it beautifully and I think enjoys it far more than highchairs. We’ve even been using it in places which have highchairsa available. Love it!

  5. We had one too. It was fantastic, and I think they liked it because they felt more like they were getting held than jailed.

  6. What a great product. This looks fantastic and I so love the pictures. I wish these were around my two were young enough. If I ever have another I’m getting one of these. x

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