True colours (and fishy fingers.)

I am sitting in the Trafford Centre (yes, yes, I am here again!) with the love of my life.

He is currently, noisily munching his way through a Harry Ramsdens large cod piece (Seriously fish girl. That joke is not appropriate!) That I had been looking forward to all week.  

As he is the love of my life, and we are still in the honeymoon period (yeah right), I have sacrificed my buttery, battery treat of the week (yeah right) and relinquished it after much grabbing, shouting and pleading (on his part) and much attempted ignorance, forced persistence with the puree and aeroplane attempted whirring actions (on my part) to no avail.

He is chewing with his mouth open, smacking his lips together and babbling innocently about nothing. He has mushy pea on his eyebrow. Every now and then he throws himself backwards, flings a piece of fish in the air and shouts ‘YAYAYAYAYAYA.’  He loves dinner time. He loves his food.

He is definitely my son.

As I watch him wrap his perfect little chubby fingers around one of my chips, I start to slurp on his carrot and potato puree. What? I made it so it is obviously nutritious and delicious and I am STARVING!! (Look, I know the jar says Hipp on it ok? But it’s a recycled jar ok? I would never feed him food from a jar. Ever.  I am doing my best ok? I was up all night peeling eggs, or something similar, ok? Leave me alone…. STOP STARING AT THE JAR!!)

My happy, fish sucking angel, asks me in the way only he can (MAMAMADADADAAADADA OO OO OOO BLAAAA) to pass him his sippy cup, which i do obligingly.

He struggles at first, and i stop myself from jumping to help. Every old person I have ever met has told me i shouldn’t jump to help him all the time, or he will never learn anything himself.

After a couple of near misses, (and a quick tilt from me… Who me? *looks to ceiling and whistles*) he manages a noisy slurp and gulp marvellously. He then proceeds to SLAM the cup down on the table, thanks me in the only way he knows how (DADAYEEEEEEMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA!!)  And lets out the mother of all burps. (I swear, sometimes I am in awe of the multitude and sheer volume of the sounds this child effortlessly produces. He is quite literally, a living, breathing, laughing whoopee cushion…..Not that i sit on him! Well not on purpose anyway…)

It is at this juncture during our happy little meal that I look up and my eye catches on two women sat feeding their little girls the perfect tidy little mouthfuls of puree from the perfect tidy little Tupperware containers.  Both baby girls are happy, content and smiling. Both women, however, are watching me and Addison with an air of disgust. (Did i say air of disgust? Their mouths are hanging open aghast and they are confidently and vehemently shaking their heads in my direction.)

‘Is there a problem?’ I ask somewhat timidly. (Which i know isn’t like me, but today is a bad day. Today I have done well to get out of bed. Today my happy little boy is all that is keeping me going. Please don’t judge me today, I plead internally. Please don’t judge me today.)

‘How old is he?’ Perfect mother type 1 asks, while shooting appalled looks between perfect mother type 2 (for back up. They hunt in packs the perfect mother types.) And little Addison, who for good measure, now has his fishy finger shoved firmly up his nose. (Yes thanks for that Woo!)

‘He is sixty six on Sunday’ i reply calmly ‘He looks young for his age, don’t you think?’ I smile back, willing her to laugh. Willing her not to tell me I am a terrible mother, willing her not to judge me, not today. Today is a treat for Addison and me. We are having a lovely day. I am out of bed and managing to smile. Please not today. Not today ok? Not today.  

‘Disgusting’ she spits before turning her head, muttering something to perfect mother type 2, who looks directly at Addison, then me, nods her agreement and turns back to her pureed gloop and perfect and very cute,  CLEAN, little girl.

‘BABABABAHAHAHAMAMAMAMAMAMA.’   Addison doesn’t have a clue why mummy is packing up the contents of the table with shaking hands.

‘YAYAYAYAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA’  Addison doesn’t understand why mummy has tears running down her face, all of a sudden.

‘MAMAMAMAMAMABAHAHAHADADADA’ Addison has finished his fish and wants to go and play in the ball pool.

‘AAAA?’ Addison doesn’t understand why his mummy is pulling funny red faces and taking us outside instead.  

Addison was so happy, having a lovely day with mummy.



Last week I sat down to write a post about being a bad mummy. I had started or become involved with a tongue in cheek club on Twitter called the Bad mummy club. It was a club for mummy’s who were sick of the very real judgement out there about such trivial things like feeding our loved ones from jars and not being able to breast feed. It was a club I felt hugely part of.  

Every day I felt guilty.

  • My son watches TV in the morning (Ahem, and sometimes in the afternoon too!)  
  • My son sometimes eats from jars (he isn’t a jar licker, i feel i should add, i feed him with a spoon , from a jar! But you know I do baby led weaning too. GASP! PUT THE SPOON DOWN!)  
  • My son sometimes doesn’t have a bath for 2 days. (He hates the water, screams blue murder. He gets so upset sometimes he makes himself sick. He is getting better, but yes, i will admit. On occasion i will avoid the bathroom for a couple of days!)
  • My son sometimes puts the dogs tail in his mouth (doodle has been sterilised it’s ok.)
  • My son once had a fish from the chippy. (And i let two complete strangers ruin our day and make me cry.)
  • My son sleeps in our room with us still (He is 10 months, not 66. Although if i have my way…JOKE! I mean, if he wants to sleep in my room until he is…. no, ok no. That’s wrong. But until he is 10, that’s ok isn’t it? No? *Drags feet toward bedroom to move cotbed* *swears a little*)
  •  My son likes to be rocked to sleep.  (MAY, and there are no definates here, but this MAY be why my back is buggered. No definates. He likes me to stand up. What?! I will stop before he’s big enough to pick me up ok?? *reaches for back brace*)
  • Sometimes we co-sleep (GASP! GASPPP! GASP!)
  • Sometimes I swear and he hears me. (I dare you to stand full force on an upturned plug in a darkened room and not swear. Go on, try it. You swear before you even realise you have said anything don’t you? Well? Don’t you? Exactly.)
  • Sometimes I put him in the car during the day and drive around to help him nap. (Look, it is a total coincidence that the new drive-thru Starbucks is on route. Total coincidence.)
  • My son has no real routine.  (Unless you count which programme he falls asleep after and which programme he eats after…ahem. Not every day! On Fridays he falls asleep after rhythm time! And you know, we play too.  But after playing we watch telly. You judging me? I honestly don’t care.)

As well as suffering with Post natal depression I have beaten myself up pretty badly about the above, for long enough.

But no more.

You hear me perfect mother types?

This week has taught me I am an amazing mother.  Yes. I really am. (Amazing and modest!)

I love my son more than life itself, and if it were to save his perfect little life, i wouldn’t think twice about laying down in front of a bus, or taking a bullet for him, and so would the Irish one.

This week

  • I have held him while he emptied his bowels all over me. (I swear the male nurse was flirty up until this point. He retreated quickly and laughingly said ‘oh god. He isn’t well is he?’ REALLY? REALLY? GET ME A BLOODY DOCTOR NOW YOU FRIGGING IDIOT!! (He was a minger too! The cheek!)
  • I have kissed his forehead through the mother of all fevers. (If it’s not one thing it’s your mother.) I have rocked him, and sang to him, cried over him and sat in a plastic back breaker chair with him for 24 hours. (They should put those chairs in the jungle. Those celeb types’d be screaming ‘get me out of here’ in minutes!)
  •  I have prayed. Yes me. I prayed. (Er, hi god, it’s me Lexy. Yes, i know it’s been a while but er, can you make my son better please? I will wash up for a year…and shave (yes I know, my legs are indecent), and will love honour and obey too, if i have to.)
  • I have argued with doctors, (Meredith Grey eat your heart out luv.) and have been right! Mummy knows best.
  • I have argued with doctors. (Christina Wang don’t have nothing on me!) and have been 100% wrong! Mummy knows when to shut up and be humble.
  • I have stayed awake and whispered stories and songs and memories to my best friend and boy who holds my heart in his hand, for over 48 hours, just so he knew I was there.
  • I stayed calm when his temperature hit the 39+ mark. (If by calm you mean hysterical.)
  • I stayed in control when his eyes went funny. (If by in control you mean shouting HELP!! HELP!! HELP!! MY SONS EYES ARE FUNNY, MY SONS EYES ARE FUNNY! At top volumes.)
  • I have brought him home and held him, watched him, and slept only when I was confident he was breathing deeply enough. (Collapsed in the kitchen more like.)
  • I will take this opportunity to thank the Irish one for all his help. He truly is a wonderful daddy. He was very poorly too and when it finally got me, he took over and looked after both of us. Thankyou darling. (If you sense gritted teeth here, it is only because i had to relinquish control and wasnt happy….honest.)

  • I have been a mummy.  (I put this as a bullet point as it sounded too up myself to write it without it. Also, you know, i was a mummy before….)

Someone very wise once told me. 

‘Giving birth doesn’t make you a mummy, it makes you a mother. You have to earn the title mummy.’

Well this week I feel I have earned my mummy badge. (In all honesty I think I earnt this badge with my stitches but you know, whatever…)

My son is on the mend.

We did it together, my son and me.

His first mouthful of recovery food?

A chip.

He chose a chip.

And I cried while he ate it. He is like me, after all.

Chips are the answer to everything.

Bad mummy club? I am sorry I won’t be able to attend any more.

(Don’t hold me to that. This high may wear off shortly…and besides, i’ll miss you all too much!!)

Bring on the perfect mother types! I am simply itching to throw some fish! (Mature? Nope. Totally worth it for the looks on thier smug faces? Yup.)


And Nothing else matters.

I see that now.

And yes.

He is sat in a noodle box playing with a piece of pizza. What of it?   
I would also like to take this moment to extend a great BIG HUGE THANKYOU AND YOU ARE WONDERFUL TO MISS @theboyandme for some wonderful advice. She writes a beautiful, funny, inspiring and truly hilarious blog over at – please go visit.  She is wonderful.  The blog has everything! 365, listography, reviews and some cracking stories. If you havent read ‘Things they don’t tell you…’ you are missing out. It is HILARIOUS. Miss boy and me has the ability to both make me cry and howl with laughter with her stories. I have won some wonderful cards over there and visit regulaly for tales of the unexpected with the boy. I would love it if you would too. (And you would end up loving it too! and her!)

Addison is lucky. I am lucky. I appreciate every day. We are both healthy and loved.

Unfortunately over 8 million children under five die needlessly every year. 

You can help keep their dreams alive at

I don’t usually do this kind of thing.

But today I pledged.

Because we are the lucky ones.

Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you don’t.

I just wanted to put it out there. I hope you don’t judge me for being cheesy and doing that.


Ps – Wonder woman? Bring it on…


42 Comments on “True colours (and fishy fingers.)

  1. Lexy –
    Well written.
    My son has just turned five end entered kindergarten and I looked at him last night in the bath and marveled remembering how small and vulnerable he was when born a premmie and how we labored in hospital those long 8 weeks. As I washed the sand from his hair I couldn’t believe that his sinewy body stretched across the length of the bath-tub. How did this happen?!
    Time has flown.
    At 3am this morning Bunny (yes, my son has a lame girl-y nickname that he acquired for having large feet resembling a famous cartoon character that I have been unable to cease and desist with despite getting told off from preschool teachers and other carers demanding me to call him by his PROPER name) wandered into my room clutching his little Millie Dou mouse (who looks like she’s gone through five long years) and snuggled into bed. Although I woke before the alarm, I wanted nothing more than to lie with him, listen to his healthy lungs sleeping sweetly, and be quietly still and thankful.
    It might sound trite but the first year is the HARDEST, it does get easier, and you will only grow more in love with the years. Enjoy the intimacy of sharing food (yes, chips), celebrating the small wins like making it to the potty on time, and know that nearly everything these days is machine washable. Ignore the bitchy moms.
    (The naughty angel on my left shoulder wants me you to tell them next time that they have daughters and someday your son will be on their doorsteps and they will have heaps of sleepless nights by the looks of him. Nothing frightens a girl’s mom like the premature thought of boys…) No, just kidding.
    You rock, kiddo. Thanks for moving me enough to leave this message. Hang in there and take it one day at a time. (If you get curious about Bunny, you can see him in several little videos I make for his grandparents on my Youtube channel – Digitalgodess09 -he’s a legend.)

    Kind Regards from Australia –
    Stephenie @digitalgodess on Twitter

  2. Thank you so much to everybody for all your comments. You have no idea how much these mean to me. I harboured this story and what i thought of as secret for months. I honestly was in a dark place and had begun to believe what they had said. It is hard enough anyway as a new mother but when your son is ill and you have so little energy and post natal depression, the last thing you need is a verbal beating. You are all so right, and reading these comments has done me the world of good. I am a good mum. Today we got a diagnosis for woo and i hope we are on the road to recovery. I will be taking him back for a fish dinner when he is better as a celebration. I hope those ladies are there. I will smile and ignore them as i would never sink to thier levels. WHy would i need to when i have all you lovely ladies backing me up. I love the mummy club. You all rock. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. xxx (Cheesy moment over )

  3. Good on you! It is very hard to get out of the house and some women enjoy making others feel bad, stupid women! I’ve co-slept with my son until 2 and a half. Just do what you can and love him lots.

  4. Lexy you are a wonderful mother,I cab see you love your son more than anything in the world. & the two of you are so close.Don’t let idiotic women make you feel like your doing something wrong,they know NOTHING!!!,you are a brilliant mum in all the ways that really matter,I’m so glad Addison is beter now,I know what it’s like to be in hospital with a poorly child,I’ve been there & it’s terrifying. Now he’s better,get back to the Trafford Center & share a mac Donalds ,you both deserve it. ❤ x

  5. Hey Lexy sorry i am so late adding just read this fab post. Only one person has the right to judge you as a Mummy and he looks pretty happy with his current Mummy service provider in that pic!!! Carry on being you least you dont have a pole up your ass Love Sara

  6. co-sleeping…bad??? whoops!! Don’t tell the rest of the world where it’s normal. In Japan they all co-sleep and cot death is unheard of!

  7. I am all tears!!
    I’m so happy to have stumbled onto your blog and your beaufiful words!!
    My baby is 10 months too
    She gets rocked to sleep
    She sometimes eats out of a jar
    She sometimes co-sleeps
    I have no intentions of stopping her.
    I’m fighting PPD
    Your blog gives hope
    Thank u

  8. errr…you’ve actually managed to make me feel bad! My kids don’t get a bath every other day! I was told they don’t need one more than twice or three times a week so that’s what they get. There you go, you’re a better mummy than me!!

    Your blog made me laugh and cry hun, keep it up!!

  9. Blooming heck. I cannot believe women like that exist. What gives them the right to look down their noses and judge anyone. This isn’t about how good a mum you are. That’s obvious, its how mean those two women were. Pah! you don’t need anyone to tell you that you are doing a good job. You just need to see the love in your sons eyes and there is you answer. We all (well I) go through so many emotions with this parenting lark, and make so many mistakes, but I, we, will muddle through and the kids will do just fine!!!

  10. Yes, you are an amazing mum and you have a beautiful, happy and healthy baby. You are rich beyond your wildest dreams and those two snotty nose, ignorant, judgemental bitches will never have what you have. They will never see the incredible love in their lives that you have and they will never have true friends. I see ignorance too often; having an autistic child beckons ignorance, but we have to rise above it.

    A truly inspirational post.
    CJ xx

  11. I want to slap those two bitches for making you cry! I HATE that kind of judgemental crap. Take comfort in the fact that their kids will be the ones buying a shed load of chocolate from the corner shop before school and chips every day for lunch because they were never EVER allowed anything nice at home! Big up yourself Mammywoo. x

  12. Brilliant post Lexy 😉 and I know the car nap thing very well. Mc Donalds was my saviour for months on his 3pm nap lol. I can no longer do this. I’m sad. 😉 xxx

  13. it’s all been said so many times above!

    you are the best mum for A – you are his! he loves you and you would do anything for him – what more is there?

    you made tears come to my eyes, I am so glad he is on the mend
    Big hugs xx

  14. You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone and especially not to two stuck up cows like that! I often wonder what the so called perfect mummies have to hide, there must be something. There must be such a high level of insecurity on their part to have the need to pass judgement on others to make themselves feel better!

    You sound like a fantastic mum, a normal mum and a perfect mum for Woo! And just for the record – Miss P has chocolate, watches TV everyday, doesn’t have a daily bath and sometimes I forget to brush her hair. I don’t care, she’s happy and knows I love her more than anything.

    F**k ’em 🙂

  15. I think you’re an awesome mummy, obviously. I hate the judge you for everythng type mommys that judge what isn’t their business. It’s not always mommies either. As soon as you become a mom everyone feels able to judge what and how you do anything with your children.
    Our neighbors always tells me what I’m doing wrong with mine, but the other day she came up to the fence and I winced but what she said I wasn’t expecting.

    “Your kids really do always look happy, you’re doing a good job mommy.”
    Shocked the heck out of me, but it was really needed that day.
    And your baby ? He always looks happy as all get out-you are doing a spectacular job, mummy.

  16. As a mother if three girls, a set of twins amongst them, I hear you loud and clear. It’s hard work, it’s tough, it doesn’t get easier, it gets different but we can only do our best (my girls are 8 & 51/2 and I’m still learning that!)
    You are doing a wonderful job and as for ‘perfect mummies’ they don’t exist! They just like us to think they do x

  17. I have cried and laughed at your wonderful post, Woo is a very lucky boy and having fun is a Childs prerogative! You are a wonderful mammy! X

  18. You flippin ROCK. I could not have said this any better. I’m only sorry you had to experience this from such narrow minded fools.

    Hugs mama!!!

  19. I’ve got a grand total of 0 kids, but my mum was like you and I’m glad for it every day. I can make mistakes and get over them, I can embarrass myself and laugh at it, and I can admit when I’m wrong. Some of my friends with perfect moms never learned these things because they inherited their mother’s obsession with perfection. This obsession takes LOADS of time, so these friends never had the time to learn how to love themselves– imperfections and all.

  20. I am appalled that those women would say such a thing. How dare they. The only thing that is disgusting is how they are training their children under the false pretense of being perfect and that anything less than perfect is “disgusting”?! News flash: No one is perfect.
    What matters is that a child is loved and is happy. That’s it. Addison is clearly loved and is clearly happy. You should be proud of that.
    Don’t let those snot nose women make you feel like you’re doing a bad job. Because you’re not. You are a wonderful mom. Don’t doubt that for a second.

  21. I hear you!! I bath my children every other day, sometimes they miss two days so what, it means their skin doesn’t dry out. I fed my daughter ONLY jars and pouches of purée. Now she only eats nuggets, chips, pizza and anything chocolate flavoured, so what! I’ve had people look at me with disgust when my daughter has screamed as though I’m feeding her dog poo, they soon got told where to go!! They don’t know the struggles I’ve had with her eating!

    You are a fab mother and you don’t need anyone to approve, you know you do all that you can for A because you love him like only a mother can x x

  22. You are an amazing mummy!
    Glad your boy is on the mend, fab blogging!

    Ignore those who are ‘perfect’ – often they are only perfect in public – they are actually insecure, follow the rules from books not life, look down on others to make yourself feel better types!

  23. Dont you ever give a shit about toffee nosed bitches again! I rarely feel an angry reaction when I read a post but God I wish I was there!!!! They certainly would have got a mouthful from me! I tell ya some people are not worth the effort of thinking about. We all raise our kids different…because WE are all different. Its what makes our world so diverse and interesting. Those women may look perfect but I guarantee you they will have stuff going on in their lives that is crap. Next time anything like that happens just laugh at the saddo’s!!! x

  24. Beautiful blogging Lexy! Tugs on my heart strings (doesn’t take much, i’m an emotional wreck 24/7!) and made me guffaw too. I used to live in the Trafford Centre, i haven’t been in a while, once babytwoshoes is here, i’ll be whizzing him round to show him the important things in life……..Millies Cookies and La Senza (For mummy’s overexpensive pj’s!)..honest!!! Keep smiling xx (@chollabean on Twitter) xx

  25. You are an amazing mummy; don’t let those perfect types mess with your head hun. Although my children are all grown I know the joy and late nights. Mine all ended up in the bed with me, they all had chips and they all had jars sometimes. They are still my babies somewhere but they make me proud every day.

    Love, laughter and some tears will always get you there. My one piece of advice? Yes, stepping on a plug is painful but I warn you now, you ain’t heard swearing until you step on Lego or a Barbie shoe….

    Be kind to you

    Lesley xxxx

  26. I don’t tend to pass comment on blogs very often but this one made me cry so I had to. I had severe PND twice and it’s just about the worst thing I have ever been through. The sheer fact that you are managing to get out of bed and be a mummy is a massive achievement. Woo sounds like a lucky boy. You are devoted and passionate parent who has done nothing wrong. Hold your head up high and every time your little man smiled remember that it’s down to you. Thank you for sharing this. We all feel like bad mothers from time to time, often with no real reason for it. There are plenty of awful parents out there and you’re not one of them x

  27. Hey you

    I LOVE your passion and love for your son, you made me cry with this blog post. As per usual, fantastic writing, straight from the heart. I don’t really know what to say about these women….I have a reputation for being nice to keep up and can’t really repeat what I want to say but just you remember in their tiny *tidy* perfect little brains, there is a jealous woman in there screaming her lungs out to be as good as mother as you…xxx

  28. Addy is very very lucky to have you as his mummy. Imgine how miserable those two little girls will be when the grow up and realise they have OCD mothers who will never feed them chips or Mcdonalds. They will never really laugh because they are not allowed to get dirty or have any real fun.

    You can grow old safe in the knowledge that addy will have had a proper childhood, with added fish and chips.

    I am so glad he is on the mend. I have made it my pledge not to take any crap off anyone anymore as i am the only person who knows whats best for my kids.


  29. I’m going to apologise in advance for any…sweariness that may occur…but FUCK those stupid bitches, fuck them right in the ear with a whole portion of chips.

    It makes me SO angry that they would pass judgement on you like that, gang up on you, bully you and make you feel inadequate. I swear to god, if you want me to come to the Trafford Centre and sit with you until we see those fuckwits again, I will, and when we see the I’ll give them a piece of MY mind, and I bet they’ll be the ones who walk off crying.

    God, that grinds my gears.

    On a different note, I’m so glad that Woo is on the mend now. You’re an amazing mum, and don’t you forget it.

  30. This post had me in tears. Tears of outrage that anyone, ESPECIALLY another mother, would pass that kind of judgement on you; and tears from my heart breaking that you felt judged and inadequate as good mama because I have felt that same way. No one is perfect and we do the best that we can. I agree with Lisa N. that they way to measure if I’m doing a good job is how happy my baby is. You are a good mummy. I found myself acknowledging most of those same things in my home that you mentioned feeling guilty over so know that you are not alone. Thank you for your honest post.

  31. You are a wonderful mom and I’m so glad to hear Woo is better. I always question perfect mothers and think they just need to take the stick out already. 😉

    I only bathe my little girl every other day, let her watch more television than I thought I would, swear in front of her because saying “freak” after slamming my toe into a metal baby gate just won’t do, and give her bits of chocolate occasionally if it means I can have a few minutes of peace to eat breakfast *and* lunch at 4 pm.

  32. That is the best blog post I’ve ever read. So true and funny. Can’t believe those silly cowbags being all snooty. I came across one in softplay today shouting “ohhh daahhling” whenever she knew someone that walked through the door! (I secretly think they’re all in one big swinger group!) glad woo is on the mend! 🙂

  33. Don’t let anyone judge you let Addy’s happiness be the measure of how well you’re doing and for the record while were confessing imperfections:
    *Emily is only bathed every other day
    *I have (on more then one occasion) used bribery to ensure angelic behaviour. Infact she’s currently on a bribe to be good this week so her teddy can have new shoes.
    *Emily hates vegetables of any kind and I’m through with making her eat them.
    * I am sometimes in that much of a rush in the morning I forget to brush her hair or iron her clothes.
    If that makes me imperfect I couldn’t care less x

  34. Once again Lexy you have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed a Mummy! There are so many people out there ready to tell you what you are doing wrong (never when you do something right!) Well I will take this moment to say. never EVER would you knowingly cause harm by action or failing to act. Your heart is bigger than you are, and since the birth of Woo it has just got bigger, if that is at all possible. No one fits into a text book description of perfect mothering, any anyone that thinks they do is probably rocking with the vallium. You get joy, you get pain, but through it all you know you are doing the right thing. God bless you Lex, don’t ever stop being the person or the Mummy you are!

  35. I think you are amazing Lexy. Having a child in hospital is so painful and frightening, it was the worse experience of my entire life. The one thing that it makes you aware of, once they are better, is how much you love them with your entire being.

    Chips are good. Nutritionally, chips are carbs which is what he needs to bung him up a bit to help with the diarrhoea. Screw that, chips are good because it is what he wanted to eat and he was ready to do so.

    You do the right thing for him all the time and do not need to justify yourself or your actions to anyone EVER. Those women need their perfect little faces rammed into their tupperware containers, let’s see who is superior then? Absolute bitches, I want to have a massive go at them. Do NOT feel you need to justify yourself to anyone ever again.

    Thanks for such a lovely addendum to the post; you are fab!

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Unwrapping parenthood one nappy at a time

Weight Watchers Vegetarian

Vegetarian and vegan recipes and ideas for following Weight Watchers UK

Sarsm's Blog

Quest for humour in my existence

Theplumbum's Blog

Stuff and me


keep going

A Cornish Mum

Cornwall, Lifestyle, Parenting, Type 1 Diabetes Blog

Dear Mummy Blog

The travellings of Bella and her folks!

Psych Circus

Enjoy, Learn, and Erase Stigma!

Bipolarparent's Blog

Bipolar, Parenting, social services involvement but mostly me

Right from the Start

Play, Early Education and more...

HonieMummy Blog

The ramblings & goings on of the HonieHouse, HonieKitchen & HonieLikes

Tales from inside

Our family life


Oscar Relentos


A digital space feat. poetry, art, nonfiction, interviews, and reviews by marginalized creators.


Ey Ey Ey Calm Down!!!

Long Distance Daughter

Support on the journey of caring for aging parents


a day in the life of my sketchbook...

A Mum on a Mission


Mother's Always Right

Life as a mum, uncut

Nothing But Words & Wine

Often Wine Sodden, always Emotional musings of a single Mummy sinking under the housework.

Mum on the brink

Parenting, travel and technology... and more

Living otherwise

another view on how we make it up

A Write Relief... (for PND)

A thirty-something mum's journey through postnatal depression... and beyond!


Just another weblog

MuddlePuddle Home Education

Resource site for home educators in the UK

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