An introduction to Northern mummy with southern children.

All this week i will be introducing you to some more fantasic blogging sites. The reason behind this being, i love to read. And i want to share with you a couple of my favourite blogs. My first being this young lady from Up north who now lives Down south! This was one of the first blogs i found and it inspired me to start my own. Without further adue, I give you the hilarious, and very talented, inspiring and truly lovely yummy mummy! @northernmum1.

You will find the link to her site on my blog roll, and at the bottom of this post. And in my Iphone. And on my fridge. And on the pc at my mums house, and my dads house… and in the apple store… i am a big fan…

The cost of a third child.

I do like a bit of guest blogging, and even better when I get to blog up here in manchester.  Not quite my home town but it’ll do.

Sorry I should introduce myself properly.  My name is mummmmmmmmy, I used to have another one but it was such a long time since anyone used it I have completely forgotten it.  I have three children, twin boy, twin girl and baby beautiful; again upon their arrival into the world I did give them ‘real’ names but I suffer badly from baby brainitis so most days it is easier to refer to them by their gender or developmental stage.  I also share my home with he who helped create them, but true to form in the blogging world he does little but work, sleep, fart and watch football.  Should you wish to read more on these topics I suggest you head over to either Top Gear or Soccer am’s site immediately.

Although now I come to think of it trumping played a role in the conception of baby beautiful.  I had been banging on about having another baby since the twins could crawl, some would say because of my love for the little creatures, ones that know me better would argue it is because I am a lazy sod who enjoys coffee mornings on maternity leave far too much.  Anyways after the stress of raising two bambinos at once he who helped create them was not as keen to bring another rather demanding mouth into the world.

However as my mother will tell you I have a tenancy to ‘keep on’ and it took me three years but my dedication to moaning, and writing letters to santa entitled ‘I want a baby’ seemed to be paying off as we approached easter 2009. 

The first sign was when he who helped create them wouldn’t let me ebay the car seats, because we may need them again.  The next sign was when I caught him musing through photos of the twins in their baby years with a cute half smile on his face.  The final clue that he had finally been worn down was when he lay in bed one night after a most delicious curry and asked me;

” How much do you want another baby?”

My response was a mix of desperation, pleaing and guilt inducing cries of;

“More than anything”

He turned to me lovingly and smiled as a sound barrier breaking noise erupted under the sheets and the whiff of vindaloo reached my delicate nostrils.

“If you can put your head under the blanket for two minutes now we try for another baby.”

And there it is twelve months on, baby beautiful lies contentedly in her cot and I still feel a sense of shame as I make my bed on the morning.

just one more thing I have done for my children!

Find more hilarious tales at


5 Comments on “An introduction to Northern mummy with southern children.

  1. It’s great Reading other blogs – although I already pop in on Northern mums posts (being a northern mum with southern tinies myself) & Mammy Woo has done an inspired thing: having a week of guest posts. Great idea! Did you hold your breath under that cover?!

  2. Already love both of your blogs and as Beautiful Baby’s number one fan love anything with her as the staring role! You really have suffered to bring her into the world!!! Xx

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